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See what people are saying about Workhorse Gym

Brian Gallagher

May 21, 2020

The programs and training are top notch. The variety of workouts keeps it interesting along with Ron's great attitude.... Read More

Randall DeSpain

May 21, 2020

Fitness has always been important to both of us. Having done the generic gym and home gym,we both agree that the personalized attention we receive at the Work Horse Gym, along with the accountability of a scheduled workout has made our experience at this gym more consistent, effective, and enjoyable. Ronda and Randy DeSpain... Read More

Deb Taylor Darland

May 21, 2020

a great place to workout, I have met new friends, and wonderful people there!!... Read More

Rhonda Mann

May 21, 2020

Ron at Workhorse Gym is a wonderful supportive trainer who is very knowledgeable and inspirational. There are Also trainers for Classes offering a focus on women’s strength or yoga or latin dance. All are a lot of fun! These classes thru the week keep me focused towards my goals. I get a great workout in about 1/2 hour or so- it isnt a huge commitment of time and well worth it!! A... Read More

Brenda Carter

May 21, 2020

The best gym is nothing without the best people to run it. The trainers here have your back all the way, figuratively and literally. It's not just for powerlifters. It's not just a place to get on a treadmill and slog away. You won't find a bunch of meat heads and gym bunnies here. You will find real people of varying ages, body types, fitness levels, and fitness goals working hard and supporting ... Read More

Teresa Harvey

May 21, 2020

Workhorse Gym is not your “Club-Med-Spray-Tan-Spa” type of gym. You won’t find a wall of televisions and you won’t be reading a book while you walk aimlessly on a treadmill. What you will find is a group of people — all sizes, all shapes and all ages — working hard to become healthy and strong. Ron, owner/operator/trainer, doesn’t focus on weight goals. ... Read More

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Learn About the Services Workhorse Gym Offer

Personal Training near Kokomo

Results That Last

There is great hope for big and lasting results with a program designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, even if you have had disappointment after disappointment in the past.

Personal Training near Kokomo

A Diet You Can Love

Eating right for your body isn't difficult, more time consuming, or expensive. With the right fuel, your workouts will go even further! Let us show you how a good diet fits into your family life effortlessly, in small bites instead of a single gulp.

Personal Training near Kokomo

A Workout That Works

The more muscle that you build, the more calories you can burn while simply resting. Retain strength, improve metabolism, and torch fat with a metabolic workout, and multiply the results of your evolving diet!

Personal Training near Kokomo

And Fits Right in Your Schedule

Time is tight; you can't afford to waste an hour on a treadmill. You want big results that take the shortest time commitment. Make your body continue to burn calories long after the last exercise is complete. That is what metabolic workouts are designed to do.

Results Always Guaranteed!

Workhorse began humbly out of the ashes of the commercialization of founder Ron Nichols' favorite long time local gym. What had once been a cultural and community center for Kokomo was destroyed with a new vision of big box anonymity. In response, we opened Workhorse Gym with the vision of providing a true judgment free place to get your work in whether you have never touched a dumbbell before you've been training for years.

We won't sell you a membership and throw you to the wolves, letting you struggle on your own. And we won't put you in a class that doesn't give you the results and personal attention you crave. We value your effort and want you to succeed and continually improve your health. Our trainers and our classes are dedicated to you and your health, nothing else.

At Workhorse Gym, we put you on a path to the health and fitness of your dreams:

  • Move better
  • Play longer and harder
  • Keep up with your kids and grandkids
  • Be healthier through all seasons
  • Get stronger and more fit for life
  • Feel marvelous and look your best

We've helped men and women across Kokomo and we can't wait to help you, too.

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