Michelle's 50th Birthday Promise

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Michelle's 50th Birthday Promise

Michelle Stine has been coming to WorkHorse Gym since late Spring this year. I hope that you enjoy reading her story of victory that came from one promise she made to herself as she approached her 50th birthday. Here are here own words:

As I sit here drinking my bulletproof coffee, I’m reflecting on the last 6 months or so, since I first walked into WorkHorse Gym. And I can’t help but think back on all of the things in my life that shaped my health and fitness through my life. How I went from tiny dancer to a struggle with weight to a promise to myself of a new body for my 50th birthday celebration.

I started out well, taking dance classes at the age of 2 ½, and it was love at first shuffle. I pretty much danced non-stop until I was 26 working in a production company for theme parks, cruise ships, and the military all over the world. What an adventure!

It snuck up on me …

I was so active into adulthood that I never worried about my weight. But after I quit dancing it snuck up on me. It felt like one day I just woke up overweight; my dancer fitness was gone. My self esteem and self worth took a nose dive.

I struggled through many years. Losing a little, gaining it back plus more. Watching The Biggest Loser on TV while stuffing my face. I even went to The Biggest Loser ranch in Utah for a month, and then put the weight all back on! I had a friend along the way, though – a best friend from middle school. Over the years, we had talked for hours about how miserable we were.

A birthday promise

And then one day, something changed. My friend and I were going to be turning 50 in about a year and a half. We promised ourselves a special trip together with another best friend from high school to celebrate turning 50.

But we didn’t want to do it in our current bodies. We needed a huge change, but how were we going to do it?

While at The Biggest Loser ranch, I was introduced to kickboxing. I knew I could do that, so I Googled “Kickboxing in Kokomo,” found WorkHorse Gym, and called. Ron answered the phone. We talked for a few minutes and Ron told me he teaches cardio kickboxing and to come out and give it a try. Two nights later, my friend and I walked into WorkHorse gym.

My kind of gym!

We were instantly put at ease; it’s such a comfortable atmosphere. Everybody is super friendly, but there to get down to business, not compare to see who looks better in their newest yoga pants. Zero intimidation, zero judgment… nothing but encouragement!

That first class was TOUGH! But I loved it! I knew I was making a difference in my health. So, we went back We got better and stronger with each class. I started asking what other things we could be doing to reach our goal. Ron introduced us to weight training. So, we added that to kickboxing. Who were we? We were transforming! We joked that we could never be “those kind of people” that worked out all the time… but there we were weight training, and kick boxing, we recently added a 30 minute metabolic workout!

Looking beyond 50

We are now part of the family, and it feels amazing! And it’s working!!! Our bodies are changing. I’ve lost over 20 inches, and my friend has lost around 30 pounds so far!!! We still have a long way to go, but we now know that we WILL reach our goal and look amazing on our 50th birthday cruise!

Calling was the best decision we could have made. That one phone call has added precious years to our lives, and I couldn’t be more thankful! If this 49 year old woman can do it, I know you can too! Yesterday is gone, today is a new beginning, full of promise!

Start your own journey to a new you. Don’t wait!

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